I have always used a tent and so did just about every one of you reading this right now — if you went camping and it was not at a cottage or an RV, you slept in a tent. A tent would be the universal symbol of camping as far as a rod is for fishing. Hammocks have been around just as long if not longer.

And then 1 day I found hammock camping and my life changed.

The important thing for most people to realize is that leaving the kayak behind and switching into a hammock is not about roughing it more or sacrificing comfort for the sake of minimalism — actually, it’s just the contrary.

Hammock camping is much more comfortable, more enjoyable and even easier to set up and break down, minus the sacrifices often connected with ultralight or minimalist equipment. Noble Coalition has done the research and brought you a selection of the top-notch affordable hammock for camping to the backyard.

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