Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles

Noble Coalition provides the most accomplished and well supported electrical bikes to the U.S. marketplace.

Our electric bicycles are considered bicycles rather than motorized vehicles so that you don’t need a drivers license, insurance or registration to function. The electric bicycles have power assist which means these electric bicycles combine electrical power with one’s real workforce developing a hybrid method of cycling. Based upon the weight of the rider, hills, end, pedal help level and size of the battery a rider can expect a range from 18 to 65 miles before it needs to be recharged.

We also stock a nice choice of folding bicycles. We’re proud to be a full-fledged dealer of those Ancheer, GoPlus and Blix folding bike manufacturers. Please call or come in to find the assortment of Bromptons we’ve got in store for immediate sale or place a special arrangement with all the specifications of your choice.

While the financial savings of a secondhand or electric bicycle are a definite perk in this economic climate, it is potential to get people from the cars will help lessen traffic congestion and air pollution. As electrical and folding bicycles keep growing in popularity, people will escape this “car just” mindset and into the cycling state of mind. Not only are you going to feel good about helping the environment but you’ll get exercise and have a blast doing it!

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