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Noble Coalition test the best budget outdoor electronics to save you time and money.


The Best Outdoor Electronics

Started our company based out of South Lake Tahoe and always had a love for the outdoors and awesome gadgets. We figured why not test and sell the best of both worlds. We started Noble Coalition to bring all the best outdoor gear and electronics to your fingertips in one place.

About Me

Hi, My name is Loren Noble. I was born in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I was raised skiing at the age of 6 and started snowboarding at 12 years of age. Being in the mountains is my favorite place or the ocean. I love surfing, snorkeling, and camping. Really if it involves being outside I’m into it.

 I was never an entrepreneur until the age of 30, though I’ve always dreamt of being one. I was told to go to college and get a comfortable office job, but I knew that wasn’t my thing.

After some college, multiple sales jobs, and bartending for 8yrs I embarked on my online journey around the end of 2013. It has been a great experience, from many ups and downs, and the changing environment altering the way I look at things these days.

I took a break from the internet business around mid-2015 until now,  about (1 year) to focus on going outdoors, offline, and more importantly on my own self-development. However, in my mind, I would always come back and here I am writing this short story!

I have always been way ahead of my friends and family when it comes to technology. I love the newest techy things. My love for playing outside got me researching outdoor tech and I realized there weren’t any stores that offered all the latest and greatest outdoor gear and gadgets in one store.  So, I started Noble Coalition. If it’s new and awesome, I promise I’ll get it on here. Feel free to message me with  new items I might miss.

With love,

Loren Noble

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