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Electric Skateboards

Get around with amazing speed and simplicity on the most effective electric skateboards.


Drones are among the fastest growing consumer segments around today and Noble Coalition gets the very best.

Hunting Tech

Equip yourself with hunting electronic equipment to help improve your success within the field.

Our Story

Started our company based out of South Lake Tahoe and always had a love for the outdoors and awesome gadgets. We figured why not test and sell the best of both worlds. We started Noble Coalition to bring all the best outdoor gear and electronics to your fingertips in one place.

Backpacking Gear

Our gear experts field test the latest tents in backcountry conditions to assist you select the ideal tent for your next backpacking trip. Learn about the ideal cloth, durability, weight, and packability for your next tent with information from Noble Coalition tent testimonials.

Find the ideal backpacking gear with help from our expert reviewers and gear testers at Noble Coalition. We review the best backpacking equipment on the current market, from sleeping bags, to cookware, to backpacks, in many rigorous trail conditions imaginable so that you may locate the ideal installation for all your adventures.

Water Tech

Whether you’re paddling around on your backyard pool or willing to shell out big bucks to get a watercraft worthy of 007 to your lake house, there are plenty of trendy summer gadgets out there ready to help you make a splash on the water this summer.

Hey, you on the sofa! Yeah you, the one staring longingly at your stand up paddleboard! It may nevertheless be snowing in the mountains, but it’s the ideal time to start training for your SUP season. If you would like to hit the water with gusto this spring, try these four exercises to transform your off-season self into a mean, lean, paddle board machine.

Men’s Clothing
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Latest From Our Blog

Outdoor electronics are everywhere. Here is some advice on which and how to use them to make everybody’s experience better.

Survival Hiking Staff vs Survival Kit

Survival Hiking Staff vs Survival Kit The other day I came across a custom-made trekking pole from Custom Made. This specific staff integrates a survival kit into it. The folks at Custom Made took a normal trekking pole, inserted a wooden handle, wrapped the handle in...

Extreme Sports and Your Safety

Extreme Sports and Your Safety Participating in any sport requires an attention to security. Taking the necessary measures can prevent all sorts of injuries, from mild to serious. But if you are planning to actively play an extreme sport, the risks are multiplied...

Dobby Drone Review

Dobby Drone The Dobby Drone is a collapsible drone that is slightly larger than a FireTV remote control and about the dimensions of an iPhone Plus -- but still has full-fledged options like stabilization through either Gps navigation for outdoor flight or facial...

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